December 8, 2017

Whitening coffee Stains: Does it work?

Do you drink coffee, tea, or wine…

listen to this little advice of mine.

With Smile brilliant you’ll have pearly whites,

your teeth will sparkle like Christmas lights.

You can whiten here or there,

you can whiten anywhere.

Whiten while you Instagram,

or while listen to your favorite jam.

Whiten while you paint your nails,

or scrolling through those online sales.

Perhaps while reading a really great book,

regardless, the results will have you shook.

You will be smiling bright in no time,

Are you laughing at my little rhyme?

Continue reading on for a honest review,

because trust me, I would never lie to you.


Okay, okay…. enough with the rhyming. All silliness aside, this sh*t works. I have to admit, after years of trying different kits, whitening tooth paste, and even attempting to ditch coffee (gasp!!! that obviously did not work), I was a little skeptical but still very eager to try it out. When I received my cute little blue box in the mail, I hurried into my apt to rip it open (but obviously tried to keep it neat, because hello, you know I wanted to do a lil insta story unboxing.) Inside was two mouth guard looking trays, little containers filled with blue and white clay, and two different color syringes.  However, the process couldn’t be any easier! All I needed to do was use the clay to create molds of my teeth and send them back! About a week later, I received my whitening trays…and yes, I did repeatedly show Joe saying “LOOK! This is what my teeth look like!” Hehehe, you could say I was kinda excited. (By the way.. a custom fitting tray from most dentists would cost at least $500. This whole kit is a FRACTION of that cost, and even less if you use this 10% off code: unconditionallycreative15)


Now here’s where the magic happens. All you do once you have your molds is line both top and bottom with the teeth whitening gel from the syringe, pop those babies in place, and you have 1-3 hours to pretty much do anything you would normally do. I usually like to do this before bed. This way, I can whiten while I watch Netflix with Joe, shower, maybe do a facial, check some emails, basically anything I would normally do to wind down before bed. Some nights I do an hour, some nights I even do 3! When you are done, you do the same process with the desensitizing gel but for 15 minutes – my fav part because it actually really feels nice.

The reason I do this before bed is because it works with my lifestyle and well… its recommended. Immediately after the process, the pores are more likely to allow stains in. Going to sleep afterwards gives your teeth the night to begin rehydrating and remineralizing (idk what that word is, but its on their website and sounded fancy…they know what they are talking about).

The one and only bad thing I can say about this product is the same as literally any whitening product I use… It kinda hurts me slightly, mainly because I have very sensitive teeth. GOOD NEWS though, there are different kits for each level of sensitivity AND they have many tips to help this issue. The company was so easy to contact and so incredible helpful!

So basically, now I’m just walking around smiling at everyone and humming “Shiny Teeth and Me” all day everyday (S/O to you if you know what song I’m talking about). If you’re tryna smile like a whole lot more, I definitely recommend using this! As always, I’m here for any other questions you may have about this product!



Smile Brilliant and I have teamed up for a GIVEAWAY ($139 Smile Brilliant credit) just in time for the holidays!! It’s super simple and easy to enter! Follow this link and fill out the form! www.smilebrilliant.com/g/unconditionallycreative It is open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents. Good luck!!

P.S. all photos taken by my girl, Sami. If you missed it, check out the most adorable and inspiring interview I had the honor of posting riiiiight HERE! 🙂


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