April 20, 2017

DIY • Antique mirror makeover

This past holiday weekend, my mom and I took a long road trip to Chicago to visit my brother, Rich, and his girlfriend, Chelsea. Our time there was filled with amazing conversations, shopping sprees, delicious food, and a little home renovation. Since my brother was offered an exciting new job change, he needed the perfect home office space….and like everything else in their home, it turned out to be stunning.

Back to the point… in the process of cleaning out the room to get it “desk ready” we came across an antique mirror that originally belonged to my great grandparents. The comfort of family heirlooms throughout the home is very important to our family. However, it did have a couple dings, dirty glass ready to fall out, and a brown/gold finish. It just needed some love and I was up for the challenge!

What you’ll need:

Oh, and of course the most important part… your antique mirror. This could be one that has been passed down in the family like ours, or thrifted. You’d be surprised at the beauties you can find at Goodwill!

First, you’re going to want to block off the mirror with your blue painters tape (as seen above.) This step can be time consuming depending on how many curves and details are on your mirror. Don’t skip this step though, because it will save you SO much time in the end. Speaking of tape, check out the back of your mirror while your at it. We used strong packing tape to reinforce the backing. More than anything, this step was for our own sanity because we weren’t sure when it was last replaced.

This is where strong brothers come in handy to open the paint can and give it a good mix. Since this paint had been sitting in storage for some time, it was pretty thick. After Rich mixed it up for me, it still wasn’t good as new, but it was the perfect texture and consistency for this project.

Now for the fun part… blast your favorite music, pick up that brush, and start painting. My mirror had a  BUNCH of nooks creating the beautiful flowers, which took some time (and patience) to paint. It was completely worth it because the details created incredible dimension and interest.

The best tips I can give for this part:

1. Take breaks when needed. If you don’t, you might find yourself a little frustrated..

2. Have an open mind and stay creative. Some of the details were so small that my mom recommended I use Q-tips. I was convinced that they would just fall apart and be messy, but THANK GOODNESS I took her advice. It saved me with the tiny spots.

3. Have fun. Who says you can’t sing as loud as you can, dance like a fool, and maybe drink your favorite cocktail while painting??

After the paint is all on (you might want to do two coats depending on color) and dry, pull off that tape and clean the glass. You’ll have the look of a brand new mirror and the meaningfulness of the history behind it. The last and most exciting part is hanging it up! I had Rich help me again with this since honestly, tools aren’t exactly my strong point. We hung our masterpiece at the end of a hallway and it looked PERFECT! Stunning and ready to be stared at…..a lot.




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  • Sami

    This is so wonderful!! Love this post!

    April 20, 2017 at 7:50 pm Reply
  • Cat

    Wow..Nice job girl! I really love all of your pictures.


    April 21, 2017 at 10:52 am Reply
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