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September 19, 2017

6 little tips for happiness


Phew, that last blog post felt a little insane to post… (If you missed it, you can check it out here!) So many emotions happened directly after hitting that “publish” button, I pretty much ended up just feeling emotionally drained before I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, I was completely overwhelmed by the messages that were on my phone. Messages of love, personal stories, and your struggles. I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for being so brave and sharing with me. You should all feel so proud of your honesty and pureness. Because of this… I was inspired to do a little list of things to make your day just a little happier. These are little tips I have learned from others, from my personal struggles, and that have helped me on my journey! Please feel free to add to this list in the comment section below!



Pamper yourself in your morning routine.

If you need to know one thing about me, know that I am NOT a morning person….like at all. I always get super crabby when I have to roll out of my cozy bed. However, I have learned the morning is the best time to get your mind in the right place for the rest of the day. Start this by putting something in your morning routine that you love (even more than your bed….GASP!!) For me, this is 110% coffee, obviously. It is a huge part of my morning ritual to wake up, grab a mug, and put on some happy music. After relaxing and enjoying the morning stillness, I move on to the tasks I need to do but I do them with a much happier attitude. Instead of just throwing food into the animals bowls or grumbling about taking the dog out, I acknowledge how much I love them (and how cute they are.) Afterwards, I try to fit in 10 or 15 minutes of yoga or meditation. Then, I light candles, sometimes put on a face mask, add eucalyptus to the shower, and treat my getting ready process like a spa. I completely see the day differently when I treat my mornings this way instead of running around as a late (and cranky) person.


Show kindness to others.

I wish more people realized how healing being kind is, for ourselves and others. SERIOUSLY, making people happy helps you be happy. Now I’m not saying that you need to go out and start buying people puppies (I mean… you can.. Send one my way please.) Something as simple as smiling at someone on your morning commute give you those good feels. Something I do everyday at work is see how many genuine complements I can give throughout the day. It might be silly and feel super awkward at first, but watch someones whole face light up when you tell them they have a beautiful smile. Trust me on this one.


Press pause on social media.

This is something I need to start and will be doing from now on! I’ve decided that every week I am going to pick a day for no phone, no social media, and have a personal day. We hear it all the time, social media can be toxic to mental health… but it is 100% true. I find myself scrolling through Instagram late at night comparing myself to others, stressing over posts I’ve missed and worrying about silly things that honestly should not keep me up at night. I never thought I could be addicted to social media, but since I’ve started blogging, it is honestly at its worst. What a better way to beat that feeling than to have a break day!


Respect your emotions.

This one is a lesson I wish I learned like…the day I was born. Its pretty easy to stay in a bad mood if you’re constantly beating yourself up for being in said bad mood. I’ve learned the phrase “I feel (insert feeling here), and that’s normal.” Trust me, I know this seems easier said than done…but it isn’t. I also know it seems like it wouldn’t even help at all, but just give it a try next time your feeling low. In fact, do this even when your feeling happiest. Learning to respect how you feel, sit with it, and accept your emotions without judgement will seriously change the way you think about yourself.


Fall in love with yourself.

What if you could see yourself the way your family, friends, or significant other do? When you truly love someone, don’t you want the best for them? You want them to be healthy, laugh loudly, and be happy. Things like sadness, addiction, and abuse would never be on your wish list forthat person. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Fall in love with yourself and act accordingly. Run towards what feels good and indulge only in the things you feel are highest and best for you.


Be thankful.

Everyday, find at least 5 things you are thankful for. Sometimes mine seem little like the way the light shines into my apartment, the fact that queso exists, or how Joe says goodbye to me before work. Always be thankful for the little things in life as well as the big. Being grateful everyday can uplift you and inspire you to change your outlook on your day to day life.


August 24, 2017

She Won’t Be Denied.

Hi again!

I want to start this post off by explaining the #shewontbedenied movement. It all starts with “Listen, Lucy” ; an extremely  powerful organization focusing on ending the stigma around mental illness. This empowering movement is close to my heart because the main focus is to shine a light on women and our right to be extraordinary. “We want them to see that they are bosses in their own right — whether they are business owners, doctors, mothers, teachers or anything in between….”  Being raised by a girl boss (shout out to you momma!), surrounding myself with best friend’s who are all working so hard towards their dreams, and connecting with business owners in my community, I have learned woman are STRONG AS SH*T.


 “…We, as women, can move mountains. It is time to remind us all of that.”

Check out, and @listenlucy on Instagram and twitter. 

As much as I stand behind this movement, for weeks, I had a difficult time thinking about how to join this conversation. Of course, I could talk about how empowered I am as an artist, or even writing my blogs.. but then it hit me. I’ve never talked about something I should have shared a long time ago. Buckle up, because things get REAL, emotional, and terrifyingly personal. However,  #SHEWONTBEDENIED to share her story.


I have depression….

There it is, out in the open, hanging there. I also wanted to point out that I didn’t use the term “struggling with” because this is no longer a fight for me. I know now that I am much stronger than depression. It is important for me to share this with you all because I truly believe that no matter who you are, how low you feel, or how heavy even the word “depression” sounds… YOU ARE STRONGER THAN DEPRESSION TOO.

I didn’t always believe in my own strength though. I used to believe my sadness could swallow me whole… in fact, I used to want it to. I was strongly addicted to the sadness because it was more comfortable than fighting. The sadness became my friend, telling me to love it more than I loved myself. Telling me to self harm, to not eat, to eat too much, to drink too much, to not get too close to people…. and eventually it told me to leave this world.

That was the night my reality shifted. I attempted to take my own life in September, 2014. I think a lot of people believe that something specifically bad happened to me that night, or that that’s even how depression works. However, that’s not the case. The only horrible thing that happened was within myself. I didn’t love me anymore and that was the root of it all.

I don’t need to go into detail of how I tried to leave this earth, because that’s not the point of this post. The point is what happened after. 1. My friends broke my door down to get to me. They loved me even when I no longer could, and it saved my life. 2. Telling my mother what I tried to do was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever had to do. In that moment, I vowed that I will never again cause her (or any other loved one) so much pain. 3. I realized my value and the thought of my life being over suddenly scared me to my core. I am thankful every single day that my suicide attempt was a failed one. 4. Today, I am here.

…and I am powerful.

If you are currently dealing with depression…I beg you, please don’t wait until the wake up call that I had. Reach out to me, tell a loved one, see a professional, and save this number in your phone..  suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255. You are strong.

July 2, 2017

Something I’d like to get off my chest…

UGH… Let’s get a little personal and talk insecurities. If you are a close friend of mine, you probably already know what this is going to be about.. If you don’t know, then I’ve done a good job at hiding it. I think it’s finally time to practice the self love I preach and share my biggest insecurity.

Let me start from the beginning. A couple years ago, I noticed a red dot on my chest. I wasn’t too concerned assuming it was just a blemish and would go away on its own. However, it did the exact opposite. It continued to grow bigger with time. I became very embarrassed and started to worry about my skin. Eventually, my Mom and I went to a dermatologist together. Part of me was terrified for my health and the other part was worried that it was just an unremovable blemish. Luckily, my health was in no danger, but I still left the office upset. This particular doctor made me feel as if there was nothing I could do, and I would just have this big read bump on my chest forever. OH, and that it could continue to grow (which it did.) He called it a “spontaneous keloid” and sent me on my way.

Yeah, I know, what the heck is it?? Heres some not so fun facts about keloids:

  1. Keloids are excess collagen produced by the skin in the process of healing…. so basically just a really interesting looking scar.
  2. They are rather common after surgeries and traumas to the skin.
  3. Even though they can be itchy or irritating, they aren’t in any way harmful to your health.

Since thats pretty much all I know about them, let’s get back to the story (I promise there is a happy ending.) I spent the past couple years searching for makeup to cover it, wearing shirts that hide it, and photoshopping it out of my photos. For example….

My frustration led me to see a second opinion. This time, I left with happy tears. There was an available treatment that would drastically reduce redness, size, and irritation. As happy that I am that it is getting smaller with these treatments, heres the real happy ending…

Self love. Cheesy, but true. In the middle of hating something that I couldn’t change (or thought I couldn’t) I put my energy into loving other parts of me. Instead of staring at my keloid all day, I taught myself to love my smile, my little birthmarks, and even the laugh lines already starting on my face. The pressure to hid my keloid began to vanish, because I was putting less focus towards it and more focus on the features I wanted to show off. Even though I’m excited to get this finally off my chest (lol, get it?), I’ve still learned to accept it. I’ve learned that this little insecurity of mine has played a huge role in my journey to self love.

The moral of this long story, I hope you find acceptance in your imperfections and fall deeply in love with at least one thing about yourself daily. At the end of the day, we all have something that we may not love about ourselves, but accepting these flaws makes us powerful.


April 11, 2017

Love or Fear

Behind the scenes

April. 12. 2017   :   t h e   b e g i n n i n g

Growing up, I repeatedly heard from my mother that every decision in life is made out of either love or fear. Overtime, that belief went deeper and deeper into my heart and I began to notice everyday how true it was. Starting this blog was another example of that.. and I’m about to jump in and explain why.

Behind the scenes

“What if I have nothing important to say?” “What if people think I’m annoying?” “What if I lose followers?” “What if no one even cares?” “What if…what if…what if?” Every time I opened my computer to work on “Unconditionally Creative” these questions bombarded my mind. These questions were screaming “select all, delete.” Completely fear based. Honestly… the best way I can explain it is paralyzing fear. I’d shut my computer feeling defeated and embarrassed.

Is that not the silliest thing you’ve ever heard (…read? Idk, still not sure of blog language.) As an artist, how and why am I so afraid of another creative outlet?? It wasn’t until I asked myself that final question, based on love, that I let go. Why should I care what the answers are to those anxiety filled “what ifs?” This is just another way of expressing who I am. If people relate to my blog, YAY. If not, that’s okay too. If I lose people, it’s probably going to be the ones who don’t understand me or my vision. The people that stay and that I gain are going to be the ones who support the best version of me and my happiness.

BTS photoI’m so over letting fearful “what if” kinds of questions stop me in my tracks, not just with my blog, but in all aspects of my life. We have the choice. We can let the fear paralyze us, and give up. OR… we can use fear to empower and motivate us – to push us towards love. I know which option sounds better to me.. and I think you do too.

So, I’m deciding today, here and now (in this little local coffee shop where people are staring at me), that I’m accepting fear, loving fear, and then letting fear go. This is me telling you and myself, so I can be held accountable, that if I’m passionate about something, it is going to be an “I’m a little scared, but HELL YES!” instead of a “no because.. what if” moment. I hope your life is filled with “Hell yes!” too.