February 13, 2017


Photo by: Amanda Goodin Photography

Photo by: Amanda Goodin Photography



Who else hates writing about me’s? (Insert raising hand emoji) However, it’s important in every friendship to get to know someone… we are friends now.. right?

Anyways, if your here, you might already know my name is Dannie. If not.. hi, it’s so great to meet you! I’m 23 years young (too cheesy?) and living the city life in Pittsburgh.

Let’s talk roomies, because all four make my little apartment a home. First, my boyfriend, Joe *cue heart eyes* who is constantly loving me, supporting me, and making me giggle. The poor guy is still getting used to all the “girl things” throughout our apartment, but he’s still so understanding with my shopping addictions. Next are our kitty babies, Mason and Dixon. Cutest (and chunkiest) cats you might ever meet. Lastly is our new addition to our little Pittsburgh apartment, Tobie, my lil blind poodle. I’ve had him since 6th grade, and now he lives the city life with us. Maybe the best cuddler in the whole apartment..shhh thats our little secret.

I’m blessed with a interesting and magnificent family. My mother is truly my best friend. I’m not just saying that because she made me either. She’s my guide, my hero, my everything. She inspires me every single day. My two older brothers are complete opposites.. Rich- windy city loving, goal driven, business man. Nick- dreaded, free spirited, wood carver and farmer. One thing they will always have in common: their huge hearts. Part of my family lives on the other side of this big ocean (thank goodness for planes and FaceTime.) Currently, my dad and his significant other, Marketa, live in the Czech Republic. Together, they are raising two beautiful little ones, my half siblings, Robert and Anna.

I also have an amazing group of friends with all different interests, passions, and beliefs. They all make me laugh until my stomach hurts, support my goals, and keep me sane. Some I call soul sisters, some are AOII sisters, and some of us act like real sisters. I adore every single one of them.

Okay.. so maybe this turned into an “about the people in my life” post, but honestly, they are what I love most. Some other things I absolutely could not live without are coffee, moscato, and Instagram (guilty). I am totally and completely in love with anything art related. Creating my artwork gives me a feeling of safety and wholeness that I’ve never truly been able to put into words. It grounds me almost as much as my spiritual beliefs do. I’m a firm believer in meditation to calm down and reconnect.

One more thing I forgot to mention that I LOVE.. making new friends! Please, feel free to head over to my “.connect” page to contact me. Tell me a little about yourself, ask to meet up for coffee, or even just say hi! I look forward to knowing your “about me.”